Brunei coach hopes team can bounce back after first leg loss

|     Fadhil Yunus     |

BRUNEI Darussalam national head coach Kwon Oh-son hoped that the 3-1 loss to Timor Leste in the first leg in Kuala Lumpur will serve as motivation to overturn the deficit and qualify in the second leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 qualification round at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas tonight.

“We showed the video of our defeat on where we went wrong in the first leg against Timor Leste to the players and the coaching staff and during the training sessions we worked on the mistakes after we got back from Kuala Lumpur,” said Kwon Oh Son during a press conference at the Lecture Theatre of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium yesterday.

“It is our home game and our home advantage and hopefully the players have a good performance.”

“Hopefully the players remember that we lost 3-1 and hopefully the players remember that as a motivation to beat Timor Leste at tomorrow’s game,” he added.

“We have been emphasising the weaknesses from our last game,” said the Brunei Darussalam head coach.

Brunei Darussalam forward Faiq Jefri Bolkiah and head coach Kwon Oh-son at the press conference yesterday. – FADHIL YUNUS

Meanwhile, Timor Leste head coach Norio Tsukitate highlighted that it will not be an easy game despite holding a two-goal advantage.

“I think in tomorrow’s game, Brunei national team will have a big power. There will be a big audience supporting the national team and they will give power to the players,” said Timor Leste head coach Norio Tsukitate.

“I think tomorrow will be a tough game for us. Our players have prepared mentally and physically but it will be a difficult game tomorrow,” he added.

The Japanese admitted that there was an element of fortune in their 3-1 victory after pointing that the Wasps had chances in the second half.

“I think first we are lucky because Brunei had chances in the second half. If Brunei got the game to 2-2, it would be a very difficult situation. For the next game, I have a secret. We have to give our 100 per cent and we will do our best,” he said.

The Brunei Darussalam head coach said, “The DPMM FC players joined us after the S League game against Warriors and they were fatigued, which was why the coach made some changes in the Kuala Lumpur match.

“The players are mostly fit and they are now eager to play and the players know the responsibility of the national duty role to win tomorrow’s game and hopefully we proceed to the group stage,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Timor Leste coach said. “There are no injuries in the squad but because of entry and regulation mistake one player cannot play. This is a drawback for us.

“The players always wait too much and some players are tired like in Malaysia. But our players are very strong and they are very pure and have a good passion.”

Brunei Darussalam’s Faiq Jefri Bolkiah has just linked up with the national team and will be looking to the challenge of qualifying into the tournament proper at the end of the year.

The Leicester City reserve player was beset with a slight injury in pre-season but now is raring to go for a crucial tie.

“Unfortunately in pre-season, I have a little bit of an injury on my right ankle but luckily towards a week or two before this game, I had a few training sessions. They said I’m fit to play in this game. I feel good and I feel fit,” he said.

“I had a training session (with his national teammates) and everything was good. We did a lot of shape (of formation), we talked about what we are going to do in the game on Saturday and I think everyone is ready.

“We know we have a big task on our hands and we are ready for it,” the 20-year old added.

Faiq has previously played in a competitive fixture at senior level against Timor Leste when he first started with the national squad.

“I don’t think it is an impossible task. I played against them before and I know a lot of their players and I know that if we work to our strengths we will have a good chance to win the game and qualify,” he said.

Timor Leste captain Jorge Sabas Victor echoed his coach’s sentiments that it will be a difficult game with the hosts spurred on by the home crowd.

“As what our coach has stated, our team is all prepared mentally for tomorrow’s game. The game against Brunei will be tough because they will be playing at home and there will be a lot of Brunei supporters.

“But we still have to play tomorrow and our mental side is ready,” he said.