Brunei Basketball Veterans wins friendly

James Kon

After a year without any tournaments, the Brunei Basketball Veterans Team on Tuesday played its first friendly game against the Media and Friends team at the Brunei Basketball Association’s basketball court in Batu Bersurat.

Led by President of Brunei Basketball Veteran Team Jake Goh and national player Darren Yap who has 14 points, Brunei Basketball Veteran Team won the friendly exchange with the score of 61-55.

Media team’s Law Kok Miong and Loo Yau Wai, both fouled out within five minutes into the
fourth quarter. The friendly game was played in a more competitive setting to help Technical officials of Brunei Basketball Association to re-familiarise their roles on the scoretable and statistics during a competition.

It also aimed to foster healthy lifestyle through the sport of basketball and build ties between members of Brunei Basketball Association and local media.

Friendly match between the Brunei Basketball Veterans and Media and Friends. PHOTOS: JAMES KON
Participants of the friendly basketball match in a group photo