Brunei, Australia to co-chair next EWG on MM

The 11th ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM)-Plus Experts’ Working Group (EWG) on Military Medicine Meeting and the handing over ceremony of the ADMM-Plus EWG on Military Medicine co-chairmanship was held at Sofitel Hotel at Naypyidaw in Myanmar on Wednesday.

Co-chairing the meeting were Director, Directorate of Medical Services, Republic Union of Myanmar Brigadier General Tin Maung Hlaing and India EWG-MM leader Colonel Sachin Mhta from the Army Medical Corps, Republic of India, co-chairs of the third cycle of EWG on MM (2017-2019).

The meeting was attended by senior military medical officials from the ADMM-Plus countries. Brunei Darussalam was represented by Chief Medical Officer of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF) Colonel Dr Haji Awang Mohd Hafizul bin Haji Awang Mohd Hassan as head of delegation, accompanied by two military medical officers and two officers from the Directorate of Defence Policy, Ministry of Defence.

With the successful completion of the third cycle of the EWG-MM under Myanmar and India’s co-chairmanship, both co-chairs officially handed over the co-chairmanship of the EWG on MM to Brunei Darussalam and Australia who will be the new co-chair of the next fourth cycle (2020-2023).

It was acknowledged that under the Myanmar and India co-chairmanship, the main signature outcomes of their co-chairmanship were the conduct of the ASEAN Military Medicine Conference (AMMC) in 2018 and 2019 respectively, the publication of the ASEAN Military Medicine Handbook (for Paramedics) and the successful execution of the Field Training Exercise (FTX) which was held in Lucknow, India last February.

As part of the objective to continue the successful legacy of the previous cycles of the EWG on MM Singapore-Japan (2011-2013), Thailand-Russia (2014-2016) and Myanmar-India (2017-2019), Brunei Darussalam and Australia will be adopting an alternative approach in conducting the EWG-MM deliverance, where the change is hoped to improve the working relationship, interaction and cooperation in military medicine in delivering real healthcare in non-crisis situation to the population inclusive of providing training and education related to healthcare, by incorporating all the previous initiatives.

Since its establishment in 2010, the EWG on MM has able to strengthen cooperation, inter-operability and coordination among the military medical services of the 18 ADMM-Plus countries as envisaged by the ADMM-Plus leaders.

The handover ceremony of the ADMM-Plus EWG on MM Co-Chairmanship. PHOTO: MINDEF