BruHealth app verification code issue ironed out

Izah Azahari

Minister of Health Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohd Isham bin Haji Jaafar yesterday assured that the problem with receiving a verification code via SMS for the BruHealth application has been rectified, with only one provider still facing some problems.

He said to solve the problem, the validity period of the verification code has been extended to one week instead of a short span.

The public is advised to only try registering once as attempting multiple registrations will further jam the system, the minister told a press conference yesterday.

Meanwhile, with the de-escalation plan that will be implemented today enabling the public to dine in, the minister explained that as mentioned at the previous press conference, the maximum capacity allowed for restaurants is 30 per cent. For example, those that only have a 10-person normal seating capacity will be allowed to seat three people for dine-in.

“Automatically, this will ensure social or physical distancing, and that is why only 30 per cent has been allocated,” Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohd Isham said.

“Another example is that if a table is meant for 10 people, we expect no more than three or four people at that table. As for a table of four, only two people are allowed.”

The minister also explained that playgrounds or children play areas at restaurants are not allowed to open as the COVID-19 virus can spread through droplets and children can possibly become carriers of the virus without showing any symptoms.

Minister of Health Dato Seri Setia Dr Haji Mohd Isham bin Haji Jaafar at the press conference. PHOTO: AZIZ IDRIS