BruHealth app made mandatory for public transport

Azlan Othman

Public transport operators, such as buses, taxis and Dart, have been mandated to incorporate the BruHealth app into their systems to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers, said the Land Transport Department (JPD) at the Ministry of Transport and Info-communications (MTIC).

Members of the public who use public transportation are also advised to scan the QR code before boarding and getting off the vehicle.

For those using the PremiseScan app, it’s up to the driver or bus conductor to scan the passenger’s Own Code or My Code; or fill out a health declaration form if necessary.

Meanwhile, all operators are urged to comply with the recommendation from the Ministry of Health (MoH) to limit the number of passengers to 50 per cent of capacity at any given time.

The passengers must also observe social distancing during the transit while each passenger must submit to a temperature check prior to boarding, while unwell members of the public with respiratory symptoms must refrain from using public transportation. Hand sanitisers, paper towels and rubbish bins must also be provided at all public transport vehicles.

Operators are also urged to clean all surfaces of their vehicles regularly, especially places that are commonly touched by passengers such as seats and hand rails, while also keeping personal hygiene.