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Brrr! It got so cold in Florida, iguanas fell from trees

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA (AP) – A cold snap in Florida is different than in other places. We put on heavy coats when it’s 10 degrees Celsius.

No blizzard conditions here in the Sunshine State, but we have our issues as well when the thermometer drops. The National Weather Service said on Sunday it’s all going to warm up nicely after the weekend. The low temperatures near freezing are quite rare in Florida, but at first glance the citrus, strawberry and tomato winter crops suffered no major damage.

Farmers spray water onto the crops to help protect them from the cold.

As for iguanas, well, that’s another matter. They are an invasive species, well accustomed to the trees of South Florida. When it gets cold, below four degrees Celsius, they go into a sort of suspended animation mode. And they fall to the ground.

But they usually wake up with the sun’s warmth.

It got cold in Florida this weekend. The National Weather Service reported that West Palm Beach hit about three degrees Celsius, the coldest morning of the past 12 years. Up the East Coast in Vero Beach, the record low was tied at about minus one degree Celsius, set in 1978.

Still, it’s not like a white-out. The Gasparilla pirate parade in Tampa, which was not held last year because of the coronavirus pandemic, went off without a hitch on Saturday in sunny but chilly weather. Thousands of people did pirate-y things, snagged beads from the parade route, and generally ate, drank and were merry.

And it’ll be beach weather again in Florida soon. It always is.

A stunned baby iguana lies in the grass at Cherry Creek Park in Oakland Park. PHOTO: AP
An iguana lies draped on a tree limb as it waits for the sunrise