Brown water issue bringing anxiety to households

As the authorities continue to fight the second wave of COVID-19, it is our civic duty to follow the health directives to keep a lid on the spread, which includes keeping ourselves sanitised.

It is a tall order, especially in the past few days, when a growing number of households have been getting brown water in their taps. While kudos must be extended to the authorities for working around the clock to overcome the issue, for certain families, it has been a struggle for weeks.

In these COVID times, we have been reminded to keep up with our hygiene. But the water issue is making it impossible to do laundry frequently, take a shower as soon as we arrive home, and clean dishes thoroughly. As such, many of us resort to bottled water for cooking, drinking and showering. It is an expensive fix, which we are hoping is for the short-term.

However, some shops have already been hiking up prices of their bottled waters due to an increasing demand for them. And if this stretched on for another few weeks, the expenses spent in keeping up with the health directives would be astronomical.

I hope the authorities could take stock of the ripple effects the water situation has created, in times when health is of utmost importance.

Brown Water Blues