Brothers jailed for theft and mischief

|     Fadley Faisal     |

THE Magistrate’s Court yesterday handed prison sentences to a pair of brothers, on the charges of theft and mischief.

Muhammad Hadi Khairi Syazwan bin Mohd Khairul Ariffin, 24, was sentenced to two years imprisonment and ordered to undergo three years of police supervision upon release, while Muhammad Hani Khairani bin Mohd Khairul Ariffin, 30, was sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment.

The court was informed that in the early hours of August 24, the pair went to a self-service laundry shop in Belait where Muhammad Hadi told his brother to act as a lookout while he attempted to break into the shop’s back room.

Muhammad Hadi then forced a window open using a screwdriver, and unlocked the door to the back room. He also told his brother to leave the place and only return when asked to do so.

Upon entering the back room, Muhammad Hadi attempted to prise open a token deposit box, without any success. He then resorted to stealing a CCTV receiver, a Hewlett-Packard CPU and a vacuum cleaner, which he placed in a large bin liner.

Muhammad Hadi then passed the bin liner containing the stolen items to his brother, telling him to stow it away inside their car.

Following that, Muhammad Hadi entered another room with several vending massage chairs. He broke into the built-in deposit boxes on the chairs, from which he took some cash.

Muhammad Hadi then sent his brother home and went to a vacant lot near the Rasau Toll to dispose the CCTV receiver and the Hewlett-Packard CPU.

The following day, they both sold the stolen vacuum cleaner for BND20.

Later that morning, an employee at the laundry shop noticed that several items were missing. He also discovered marks on the window frame, token deposit box and the massage chairs.

This led to a police report and the subsequent arrest of the two defendants.

DPP Sabrina binti Haji Mahmud prosecuted the case, while Chief Magistrate Pengiran Masni binti Pengiran Haji Bahar presided over the proceedings.