British Forces, Gurkha Rifles share fitness tips

|     Daniel Lim     |

MUCH like its counterpart in the capital Bandarku Ceria, the Kuala Belaitku (KBku) Ceria event has been a huge hit among the Kuala Belait and Seria communities, adding that extra tad of colour and life to the otherwise quiet town.

And so it was the case on Saturday night and Sunday morning when the event was once again held in the Belait District.

Among the fun activities was the much-anticipated Night Walk on Saturday, an activity which saw participants taking a four-kilometre walk through the heart of Kuala Belait.

Sunday morning saw more activities held and booths set up by agencies in the Belait District to highlight the importance of healthy living.

One of the booths was an exhibit by the British Forces Brunei and Second Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles which showcased the health and fitness regimens personally used by the British Forces Brunei and Second Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles members.

Members of the public visit the British Forces Brunei and the Second Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles booth. – DANIEL LIM

Examples of items on display included training equipment used by the army officers to train to maintain peak fitness. There was also a layout of various injuries that can be sustained through over-exertion and steps to treat and prevent them, as well as a display of a variety of fruits, vegetables and healthy food vital in helping to build and maintain a healthy physique.

Second Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles Officer Subarna Gurung said, “Individuals who wish to start keeping fit should note that going to the gym is not the only factor in being healthy. Motivation plays a key role too, as does getting enough rest and consuming the proper healthy food that help the body develop its fitness over time.”

Sergeant Keshar Bahadur Thapa Magar, manning the Second Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles booth at KBku Ceria, was impressed with the public response to the event.

“It is great to see that people are concerned about their health. It motivates us to continue engaging with the public and local community on health matters,” he said.

The event also featured a Naindung Mekar audition organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports aimed at scouting singing talents in the Belait District, particularly children, for the traditional Brunei singing competition finals to be held in December.