Bringing knowledge on cybersecurity to the masses

KEMUDA Institute began its first cyber security course at its Beribi campus.

The 14-week course aimed at providing an essential understanding of cybersecurity, especially for organisations that manage data and hold sensitive information.

It will provide participants with knowledge of the fundamental principles, underlying theory and practical skills employed in securing information and networks.

Participants will learn how to assess security risks inherent in computer networks and the technologies that can be employed to counter such risks. The course also covers cryptographic algorithms, including practical examples of code breaking.

As a practical course that teaches the principles of network security and cryptography, it allows learners to acquire and demonstrate their practical, work-ready skills in the field.

The cybersecurity short course is facilitated by the National Computing Center (NCC) Education of the United Kingdom, a world-renowned leader in computer and data education.

Participants during the course. PHOTO: KI