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Briefing highlights opportunities for growth in the food and logistics sectors

James Kon

There is opportunity for growth in the country’s food and logistic sector, according to a briefing organised by the Industry and Business Ecosystem Division (IBE) at the Ministry of Finance and Economy recently.

The briefing highlighted that by exploring new activities and being export-oriented, the food and logistics sectors in the country may be a driver of economic growth.

In 2022, the contribution of gross domestic product (GDP) for the food industry was 1.17 per cent, amounting to BND219.5 million, while for logistics, it was 1.31 per cent, amounting to BND303.7 million.

The food industry is consistently growing, and the pandemic has significantly impacted the logistics sector.

The briefing was delivered by officers from government agencies covering topics on policies, processes and services within the food and logistics sectors that have opportunities for investment.

Companies exchanged experiences during the second day of the programme.

Representatives from Ghanim International Corporation Sdn Bhd, Brunei International Airport Cargo Centre (BIACC), Muara Port Company Sdn Bhd (MPC), and GoMamam were in a panel discussion with participants.

The programme concluded with a visit to Ghanim International Corporation to look at the services of the Brunei Food Industry Development Multipurpose Manufacturing and Processing Facility.

ABOVE & BELOW: One of the presenters during the briefing; and the audience. PHOTOS: JAMES KON

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