Brie Bella can’t wait to have a ‘normal life’

BRIE Bella can’t wait to have a “normal” life.

The Total Divas star made the decision to retire from wrestling to spend more time with her family and she can’t wait for everything to change.

Speaking on the new episode of Total Bellas, which aired last Sunday night, she said, “I just can’t wait for next week to come because it’s gonna be, all of a sudden, normal life. Like, being with Birdie every day. And it makes me excited to move to Phoenix just to know that I’ll have more stability and that things will just feel a little more normal.”

Nikki was “shocked” to learn her sister Brie – who has 22-month-old daughter Birdie with her husband Daniel Bryan – wanted to turn her back on her career as she always thought they would retire together.

Brie told Nikki, “So I decided after Evolution, I’m gonna be fully retired. Fully done and that Bryan and I are looking for a house in Phoenix because we’re moving back… Birdie is truly number one.”

Whilst Nikki added in a confessional, “I’m a bit shocked right now hearing Brie say that she’s going to retire and move to Phoenix. Like talk about dropping two huge bombs. I guess retirement, I always thought that’d be something

Brie and I would talk about together. I just did not expect this big change after such an incredible comeback.”

Brie previously confessed the pair want a second child but are trying to work out when the best time would be.

She shared, “We’re talking about it… We’re torn right now. He and I are like, ‘Is this the right time? Is it not?’ So we’re going back and forth, but we definitely want a second.” – BANG!