Bridging two nations through art

Brunei veteran artists Pengiran Abdul Wahab Hassan Al-Abbas, Pengiran Timbang bin Pengiran Haji Tuah and Dr Zakaria bin Haji Abdul Hamid performed a live painting at the Turkish Embassy on September 13, 2020, in conjunction with a solo art exhibition by Pengiran Abdul Wahab said the embassy in a statement.

The ceremonial opening of a memorial plaque was held yesterday, attended by Pengiran Abdul Wahab, Pengiran Timbang, Dr Zakaria and over 20 veteran artists at the exact spot in the Turkish Embassy’s garden.

As the live performances constituted an important legacy for the embassy, they decided to protect the paint drops on the floor and to place the memorial plaque to pass on the story behind this legacy to future generations.

Turkish Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Mehmet Suat Akgün said the arts and culture provide a platform for people to connect with each other, and that he himself had personally met all the guests at various cultural activities.

The events could be seen as bridges between Turkey and its embassy with Brunei and its people. The ambassador added that these bridges are solid and long-lasting when transferred from individual memory to institutional memory and collective memory.

The painting titled From Bandar Seri Begawan to İstanbul generously donated by Pengiran Abdul Wahab is now displayed on the Turkish Ambassador’s office wall.

Turkish Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Mehmet Suat Akgün in a group photo with over 20 veteran local artists infront of the donated painting. PHOTO: TURKISH EMBASSY
Ambassador with the painting from Bandar Seri Begawan to Istanbul as artist Pengiran Abdul Wahab looks on
The memorial plaque at the garden of the Turkish Embassy