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Bride, caterer arrested for lacing wedding food with drugs

MIAMI (AFP) – A Florida bride and her caterer have been arrested after a prank in which they allegedly laced the food served at her February wedding with pot, local media reported on Thursday.

According to court documents, authorities arrived at the wedding venue of Andrew Svoboda and Danya Svoboda after several of their guests called emergency services feeling unwell.

Douglas Postma, the uncle of the groom, told responders that he noticed his heart racing and was starting to have strange thoughts after eating Caesar salad, pasta and bread.

The testimony was similar to that of other guests at the ceremony, held in the city of Longwood, north of Orlando.

Postma’s wife felt even worse and she had to be admitted to a hospital where THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana, was found in her blood.

Miranda Cady, a friend of the bride, felt “like her heart was going to stop” after eating bread with olive oil.

She asked the caterer, Joycelin Montrinice Bryant, if she had put marijuana in the food.
The caterer said yes.

The bride also confirmed that the food was laced with cannabis, appearing enthusiastic about her prank, according to Cady’s statement to authorities.