Brexit Party piped out of Brussels

BRUSSELS (AFP) – Members of the Brexit Party left the European Parliament yesterday, just hours before Britain was to exit the European Union (EU), waving the Union Jack and accompanied by a lone bagpiper.

“Goodbye! We won’t be coming back,” shouted Anne Widdecombe Member of European Union (MEP) as the delegation boarded a fleet of taxis to take them to the station and a train to London.

Party leader Nigel Farage had left Brussels on Wednesday after the parliament’s historic vote to ratify Britain’s EU divorce papers and end a 47-year relationship.

But his MEPs, brandishing umbrellas in the party’s turquoise colours, joined him outside the British parliament to celebrate their victory.

British Members of European Parliament carry a Union flag as they march out of European Parliament with their luggage in Brussels to take the Eurostar train back to Britain. PHOTO: AP