A breezy day out for new Micronet students!

Muhammad Asnawi bin Amirnudin

Micronet International College (MIC) welcomes new students for October 2019 intake with a bang of fun-filled activities and mouth-watering feast held at Peranginan, Kampong Parit Recreational Park on October 2.

Students enjoyed several activities such as kite flying, face painting, playing bubbles, frisbee and treasure hunting which carried out simultaneously during the event. One of the highlights was the MIC Masterchef Season 2, where students showcased their creative culinary skills.

It was indeed a breezy day out for all the students who get acquainted with their lecturers and new classmates. The event was wrapped up successfully by the presentation of prizes and awarding of merit awards to students who excelled in the preceding semester and ended by food galore of live cooking and buffet while being serenaded by Micronet Music Club performances.

MIC puts importance on orientation day hoping that these welcoming activities will boost students’ confidence to face the challenges of students’ life, overcome difficulties during the school year, and keep an eye towards success.

Students feel they belonging as they were warmly welcomed by the MIC family. They are more ready to start an exciting journey as they go through the courses that will equip them for the future.

Meanwhile, MIC MasterChef season 2 was one of the highlights of the activities in MIC October 2019 Intake Orientation Day. The competition was joined by current MIC students by pair to compete and showcase their ingenious culinary skills. The objective of the competition is to prepare a unique palatable and plated dish out of instant noodles.

All participants presented their dishes cooked in different techniques and styles that are, indeed, very appetising. The dishes looked exquisite and taste undeniably delicious. One of the dishes prepared was a noodle burrito, a classic noodle sautéed and topped with sausages, crabsticks and scrambled eggs in a wrap. A few dishes were cooked the classic way, a noodle cooked in a special sauce topped with sautéed prawn sunny caramelised onions and sunny side up egg. Some garnished their noodles with cheesy wedges, golden onion rings while some just garnished it with cheese and different herbs and spices. Another dish was cooked like a Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki with wasabi sauce.

The panel of judges had a hard time deciding who the winner was but one thing is clear, all of the dishes were good as evident on their delighted faces when food tasting is being conducted. Winners received cash and gift packs were presented to all participants.

Group photo of the October 2019 Intake Orientation