Breeder sells python with three smiley face emojis on it for USD6,000

UPI – A snake breeder who accidentally bred a ball python with the shape of three smiley face emojis on its body said he sold the designer reptile for USD6,000.

Justin Kobylka, who has been breeding snakes for two decades, said he was attempting to breed ball pythons for the colour combination of bright golden yellow and white when he ended up hatching a snake with three yellow smiley faces on its scales.

The breeder said the snake was born after about eight years of working to breed pythons for the colour combination.

Kobylka said he estimates about one in 20 of the snakes he bred for the colour combination would have a smiley face, but the snake is the only one he’s ended up with that has three faces on its scales.

The python with three smiley emojis. PHOTO: YOUTUBE