Break your fast with traditional delicacies in Singapore

BREAK your fast this Ramadhan with family and friends at Straits Kitchen’s Iftar Buffet Dinner in Singapore from May 17 to June 16 featuring traditional dishes prepared specially during Ramadhan such as baklava made with filo pastry; mixed nuts and Arabic syrup; basbousa prepared with semolina flour, ghee, hazelnut and sugar; ladida coconut; and a selection of Kasih Halva’s Arabic syrup.

The main highlight is Straits Kitchen’s Date Bazaar that showcases a variety of soft, moist, and fully ripened dates such as Ajwa, Mabroum and Sukkary dates from Saudi Arabia; Degleet Nour dates from Tunisia, Amary dates from Egypt; Medjoul dates from Palestine or South Africa; and honey dates stuffed with roasted nuts and dried fruits.

Other dish highlights include an Arabic mixed grill chicken, lamb and beef; Ouzi slow-cooked Arabic spiced lamb shanks served with oriental nut rice; a range of homemade mezzeh and bread; and selections of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Peranakan cuisines which are refreshed every four days.

Iftar Buffet dishes by Straits Kitchen in Singapore. – STRAITS KITCHEN