Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners receive promotions

Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) practitioners in the country were recognised with a special grading ceremony last night, held in tandem at two academies, The Refinery in Kuala Belait and Khalifa Mixed Martial Arts in Kiarong. Following the ceremony, the local BJJ scene has gained seven new purple belts and 12 new blue belts, signalling a rise in the level of BJJ expertise in the country.

BJJ promotions are based on skill, consistent performance, and individual strength of character. Coloured belt ranks are traditionally granted by a black belt professor, however due to the current pandemic situation, The Refinery and Khalifa MMA had received the consent of long-time Brunei BJJ mentor Professor Alexsandro “Leke” Dos Santos Machado for the promotions to take place remotely.

At The Refinery, under Head Coach Nobel Lee, a purple belt was awarded to Nicholas Gumma, while Annie Chia, Nurairah Shapiee, Aldon Yapp, Haji Abdul Azim Haji Isahak and Toby Holland earned blue belts. Stripes were also awarded to selected students.

Meanwhile at Khalifa MIxed Martial Arts, Head Coach Eazy Anuar presented purple belts to Adi Elmi, Hafiiz Suni, Danish Jalal, Harris Jamaluddin, Hadi Haseri and Zaim Roslan.

Blue belts were awarded to Shannon Tang, Amirah Shaperi, Dyaan Vivian, Uwuis Al Qarni, Christopher On, Hafiz Haslen and Haziq Shukri, while Eva Azriman earned a junior green belt.

ABOVE & BELOW: BJJ practitioners from Khalifa MMA; and The Refinery after they receiving their promotions.