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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Brunei Town

Brazil fan wears unique mirror outfit

NDTV – Football’s biggest carnival – the FIFA World Cup – is being held in Qatar. And some of the results have definitely stunned fans and supporters.

During nail-biting matches, football enthusiasts express their excitement and happiness in unique ways. Now, a video of a Brazilian fan, who came up with an interesting way of supporting his team, is going viral on the Internet.

“Brazil lost the game to Croatia but throughout the years in World Cup, they have the most dedicated fans ever. A Brazilian football fan covered himself with mirrors. Looked like a walking AR filter,” a Twitter user wrote while sharing the clip.

The video showed a Brazilian football fan in an interesting mirror mosaic pattern jersey and getting photos clicked with other amused football enthusiasts. It’s not clear if the young fan wore the mirror dress in Qatar, but the gesture has definitely attracted the attention of the Internet.

The short clip has surfaced on several social media platforms and accumulated thousands of views and likes. Several Internet users pointed out that the stadium in the background of the video looks like Qatar Education Stadium where yesterday’s Brazil vs Croatia match took place.

“That’s probably the best world Cup outfit in the history of world Cup outfits,” wrote one user.

“I too absolutely love this costume! He looks like he just got out of a computer simulation. Fantastic idea!” said another.

A third user commented, “That’s really cool, hope he patented it and sells the idea.”

A screengrab from a video shows a Brazil fan with the mirror outfit. PHOTO: NDTV

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