Box culverts stop stench from drainage channels

|     Hong Minh     |

HAIPHONG, Vietnam (Viet Nam News/ANN) – The environmental pollution on An Kim Hai channel has improved thanks to the implementation of a JICA-funded project in Hai Phong City.

When it comes to the An Kim Hai drainage channel, Pham Huu has seen just about all there is to see.

For more than 40 years he has witnessed first-hand the water had gone from clean, to seriously polluted, and now restored back to the way it should be.

He called the change of the channel ‘a revolution’.

The 65-year-old resident in the northern port city of Hai Phong’s Hai An District, lives and works at a convenience store in Dong Hai 2 Ward, just in front of the channel.

The box culvert built on An Kim Hai channel not only improves the environment and sanitation but also helps people to travel easier. – VIET NAM NEWS/ANN

“Long ago, the channel was so clean we had fish swimming in it and people around here could use the water for everyday life,” he said.

“But then it became so polluted due to litter and sewage that it became a nightmare for everyone around.”

The water was not only black with a bad smell, but also full of floating wastes including plastic bags, foams, animal carcasses and broken furniture, he recalled.

Huu said many years ago, people did not want to live close to the water due to the large number of flies and mosquitoes while those who had to pass through the area tried to go as fast as they could because of the odour.

But things have changed significantly after the city dredged the channel and built a box culvert road in front of Huu’s house last year. The culvert lets the water run under the roadway to make transportation easier.

“The odour has improved and so too has the environment,” he said.

Huu’s family donated more than 100 square metres of his banana garden for the construction of the culvert as he thought it would serve the common interest.