Bottrill shares insight on early years education

|     Wani Roslan     |

THE International School Brunei (ISB) welcomed Greg Bottrill, best-selling author on early years education to their campus recently.

Bottrill, author of Can I Go and Play Now? : Rethinking the Early Years, is in the Sultanate for a week to work with Early Years practitioners through the mindset of “continuous provision”, where teachers can guide young learners on an educational journey of their own choosing.

ISB Executive Principal Laura Thomas said, “It is our mission to ensure that we remain at the forefront of providing a child-centred education that takes on board the ideas and pedagogies of the world’s leading thinkers on child education”.

During his visit to the school, Bottrill lauded ISB and the practices of “learning through play” that the school already institutes in early years, and shared his early years pedagogy of the ‘3Ms’- “Making conversation, Mathematics, and Mark-making”.

A big part of Bottrill’s methodology, the author described, is based on the fact that young learners are naturally “curious, creative and communicative”, and that education should recognise each child’s uniqueness, and should play a major part in allowing them to map their own journey through learning.

Author of Can I Go and Play Now? : Rethinking the Early Years Greg Bottrill in a group photo. – ISB