Bookstore’s school list questionable

It is the time of the year to buy textbooks and stationery for the coming school term. The private school my children attend usually asks the parents to obtain the list of study materials from a well-known bookstore ahead of every school year.

Every year, we would purchase items as stated on the list. However, we were recently informed by the teachers that some materials were not required. As it turned out, the bookstore added the items to profit from parents!

How did the bookshop obtain the authorisation from the school in the first place? And why is the store handing out the list when it should be the responsibility of the school?

Furthermore, the stationery offered by the bookstore is generally more expensive than other shops. However, for convenience’s sake, parents tend to go along with the higher prices to avoid making multiple stops to complete the list.

Additionally, I was at the bookstore recently to look at the binding machines on offer. There were no price tags attached to the products. Isn’t it illegal to keep the information from customers?

I hope the authorities would look into questionable practices of the bookstore.

Very Disappointed Parent