Boil water, be frugal in water consumption: JKR

Izah Azahari

Over the past few days, the quality of raw water at the Tutong River has been inconsistent and contains a high level of colour unit or darkness. The change is due to prolonged rainfall, causing organic matter and soil to flow downstream from the surface runoff, leading to high mineral and organic matter content.

This was shared by the Public Works Department (JKR) at the Ministry of Development (MoD) on addressing the issue of yellowish water in some areas of Brunei-Muara District.

However, the department has stepped up efforts to resolve the issue by implementing operation works such as monitoring raw water quality and processed water every two hours, monitoring water quality in water storage tanks and pipelines on a daily basis, and ensuring all filtration tanks, purification ponds, chemical doses and pumps at the water treatment plant are functioning properly.

JKR advises the public, especially those who have water tanks and filtration systems at home, to ensure the equipment is kept clean with routine flushing and backwashing.

For those who do not have a home water tank and filtration, they are encouraged to contact the Darussalam line 123 (TD123) or JKR social media.

JKR also advises the public to boil water before using it for cooking and drinking as an extra precaution and be frugal in water consumption.

River water condition that is difficult to treat. PHOTO: JKR