Bodies of missing foreigners found

|     Hakim Hayat & Aziz Idris     |

THE bodies of two foreign nationals, including that of a 15-year-old boy who went missing while swimming during a New Year’s Day beach outing at two separate locations, were found yesterday morning.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), the body of theFilipino boy, who was feared drowned at the Berakas Recreational Forest Reserve Beach, was found approximately 500 metres from the beach at about 7.15 yesterday morning.

The body of a 23-year-old Indonesian national who went missing while swimming at Tungku Beach meanwhile was found by the Marine Police in waters near The Empire Hotel & Country Club at 11.58am.

In a similar incident reported at Muara Beach the same day, two Indonesian nationals were swept away by strong currents but were miraculously unharmed after members of the public rushed to save them.

Drowning incidents are common here in the month of December, especially when the number of beach-goers on their year-end vacations increase.

The unpredictable weather conditions in the past weeks and month, which have resulted in thunderstorms and strong sea currents, have prompted the authorities to release advisories cautioning the public to stay safe and be more aware of the latest weather situation as well as tide and rip current conditions.

The FRD advises that in the event of a rip current, one should not panic and instead attempt to drift their body away from the current by swimming sideways towards the beach instead of towards the current.

The Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department in a statement released on Monday said there is a low-pressure system approximately 400km north of Brunei, and it is forecast to move further away from the country.

This is expected to have an indirect impact on Brunei in the next few days, causing unsettled weather conditions with occasional gusty showers.