Blood donation drive collects 52 pints

Fifty-two pints of blood were collected during a blood donation campaign organised by Datastream Technology Sdn Bhd held at DST headquarters in Tungku yesterday.

Chief Executive Officer of Datastream Technology Sdn Bhd Ang Siok Tuan led the drive by being the first blood donor, followed by Datastream Digital (DST) employees.

With the recent call to action by Blood Donation Centre as it is running low on supplies of all blood types needed for blood transfusions, the activities was aimed at boosting stocks at the blood bank, said the company

Carrying the theme ‘Give the gift of blood and help saves life’, Datastream Technologies said they will continue to contribute by hosting similar campaigns as part of its corporate social responsibilities

The public can donate blood to the Blood Donation Centre in RIPAS Hospital or any nearby blood bank. The registration for blood donation in all hospitals of each district is from 8.15-11.45am and 1.30-4pm from Monday to Thursday and Saturday.

DST Employees giving blood in at the event. PHOTO: DST