Bintang Search winner crowned

The first season of the reality singing talent search show Bintang Search crowned its first winner, with Mimi Wahab taking the title during the show’s Season Finale Concert that was streamed on OOPs! Channel on YouTube on Sunday evening.

The over one-and-a-half hour season finale concert marked the culmination of the 8-week-long online-streaming entertainment programme, the first of its kind in the Sultanate, that has successfully unearthed hidden talents in Brunei, right from its auditions that saw over 400 individuals trying their luck, right up to its final concert two weeks ago, where five finalists were named – Mimi Wahab, Sami Alli, Najrul Maznibi, Khairul Nadzri and Maya Walker.


Befitting for a season finale, the dazzling show began with the top five finalists coming together singing the show’s theme song “Merasa Bintang”, followed by special performances by judges Fakhrul Razi, Nana Farhana and Rizal Rasid and also the finalists.

Some of the highlights of the evening included a powerful rendition of the popular 80s Malay song Isabella by the male judges and finalists, and also another classic Malay song “Cinta Di Akhir Garisan” by the female judges and finalists.

Mimi Wahab took home the grand prize of BND5,000 that was sponsored by imagine Sdn Bhd; while all the finalists also took home a prize of BND1,000 that was sponsored by NBT (B) Sdn Bhd.

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