Big result in BigStart

|     Wan Hafiz & Nur Irdina Adriana Binti Haji Kuswady, Year 10 Science     |

YAYASAN Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (YSHHB) Secondary School’s young entrepreneurs came third out of five schools in this year’s BigStart competition with the stain remover – ‘Spray Away’.

The results were announced at the finals on November 17. This was the sixth BigStart, an annual entrepreneurial project designed to uphold National Education System for the 21st Century (SPN21) goals by engaging students in hands-on entrepreneurial activities.

This year 2018, the BigStart competition was organised by the Co-Curriculum Education Department at the Ministry of Education in collaboration with Radio Television Brunei. The theme was ‘Innovation: Ideas for Progress’.

The objectives of the competition included developing students’ creative business planning, tapping innovation and risk-taking to achieve objectives, and using specific skills and knowledge to launch a social or commercial venture.

On August 14, YSHHB Secondary School students presented their ‘Spray Away’ business proposal. They were shortlisted in the top five.

The competition officially began after the ‘presentation of capital’ ceremony on August 17. Each team was given BND200 of capital investment in their start-up from Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD). These funds were to cover the planning, development, materials, and marketing costs of each start-up’s venture. Hopefully, each would recover the amount in sales and ideally make additional funds, ie profit.

The YSHHB Secondary School team comprised 10 students from Year 10. With the brand name, ‘Spray Away’, the team sold their product over eight weeks from August 18 to October 13.

‘Spray Away’ is a stain remover. The students came up with the idea and created their own stain-removing formulae after trial and error in the Chemistry Lab. The chemical was stored in small plastic pump-spray bottles each labelled with the brand, ‘Spray Away’, and instructions for use.

Students sold the product by approaching their friends, teachers, and parents as well as members of the public during Bandarku Ceria. Additional marketing was conducted via Instagram Account: as well as posts made on the school’s literacy Instagram account, readsyshhb.

To date, the ‘Spray Away’ start-up had sold over 200 bottles at BND3 each – a clear return on BIBD’s capital investment with an additional BND400. ‘Spray Away’ was clearly a profitable and educational venture.

Wan Hafiz (Year 10 Science) and Nur Irdina Adriana binti Haji Kuswady (Year 10 Science) set up a stall at the recent Parent-Teacher Meeting selling their amazing stain-remover, Spray Away