Big prizes await Aspirasi 2 winners

Izah Azahari

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) invited members of the public to subscribe to the BIBD Aspirasi 2 before August 31 to be eligible for the grand draw of the Aspirasi’s rewards programme – which could give them the opportunity to win a life-changing reward of BND250,000.

The grand draw, expected to be held in November, is eligible to customers who have subscribed to BIBD Aspirasi 2 with a minimum holding period of 90 days.

The BIBD Aspirasi 2 is a unique investment and savings programme that allows customers to earn dividends and encourages customers to keep their funds for longer term savings.

It offers a rewards programme which presents 441 winners with a chance to win BND1,000 monthly, a quarterly prize of BND10,000 and the grand prize of BND250,000 – provided they keep their funds in BIBD Aspirasi 2 for a minimum of the 90 days prior to each draw date.

BIBD has already awarded a total of BND380,000 in prize winnings to subscribers of the Aspirasi 2 campaign. Subscribers from the previous BIBD Aspirasi campaign are also included in the draws with chances of winning multiplied due to a longer period of saving.

Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Minister of Finance and Economy II Dato Seri Setia Dr Awang Haji Mohd Amin Liew bin Abdullah pose with Mariam binti Abdul Ghani, winner of the first BIBD Aspirasi. PHOTO: BIBD

Mariam binti Abdul Ghani, winner of the first BIBD Aspirasi, recalled the moment when she was announced as the lucky winner of the coveted prize.

“The feeling of winning such a thing was too surreal. It still feels like a dream to this day,” said the civil servant. “When I first made the deposit into Aspirasi, I already imagined renovating my house if I win, and I dreamt of donating to some orphans in the Temburong District. I was really happy to achieve it when I won,” she added.

As she praised the BIBD Aspirasi savings programme and with the grand draw of the current BIBD Aspirasi 2 campaign looming closer, Mariam advised the public to participate.

“Saving is really important for rainy days and through BIBD Aspirasi, even if you are saving the bare minimum, you still get chances of earning bigger rewards just by keeping your money in Aspirasi. Of course, only Allah the Almighty knows where our rezeki lies, but when you have good intentions, supplemented with Doa and effort, Insya Allah, the odds can be in your favour,” she said.

BIBD Aspirasi has made the discipline of savings easier, more accessible and more convenient for its customers as subscriptions and redemptions can be made directly through the BIBD mobile application, BIBD NEXGEN Wallet.

This has helped customers create a savings discipline that BIBD hopes will become a habit and will elevate the nation’s savings culture to a level that will be able to help them sustain their needs at every stage of their lives.