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BIBD warns against ‘smishing’ scams

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) advised the public to exercise caution in light of the increasing number of ‘smishing’ incidents in which scammers may impersonate bank employees, a release stated yesterday.

‘Smishing’ is a form of phishing in which scammers send out text messages which appear to be from someone known to the receiver.

These messages may contain a shortened link that will redirect the receiver to a fake website with the aim of obtaining confidential information.

In some cases, victims receive an SMS or direct message from scammers who may be posing as bank employees, in which victims were asked to click on a link to verify certain transactions, or to validate their Internet banking accounts.

These links will redirect the victims to a fake website in which victims are instructed to provide their Internet banking or credit or debit card details along with a one-time password (OTP).

BIBD assured the public that the bank will not issue text links with a clickable link for any promotions or campaigns through SMS, nor will bank personnel ask for information such as personal details, personal login details, account details, card details, Internet banking details or OTP’s over the phone or through SMS.

BIBD also advised the public to observe the following measures prevent falling victim to the scams:

– Avoid clicking on unexpected links received via WhatsApp, SMS or social media.

– Never disclose personal particulars, bank login details, credit/debit card details and OTP to anyone.

– Always verify the authenticity of any text messages or calls claiming to be from BIBD by contacting the BIBD Call Centre directly at 2238181.

– Inform BIBD immediately if financial details are suspected to have been compromised.

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