Berlin zoo shows off new polar bear cub

BERLIN (AP) – The Berlin Tierpark zoo is showing off its new polar bear cub, a three-month-old with a cuteness and playfulness that could make her the German capital’s next animal celebrity.

The bear, who hasn’t been named, was born on December 1 last year and the zoo said she’s developing well.

She was allowed to venture out of her indoor cage for the first time on Friday, and enjoyed romping around with her mother Tonja and swimming in the enclosure’s chilly pond.

The zoo said the cub will be now be allowed out daily for all to see.

The Tierpark has the same management as Berlin’s other zoo, which was home to celebrity polar bear, Knut, whose fame landed him a Vanity Fair cover. He died prematurely from illness in 2011 at age four.

A female polar bear baby walks through its enclosure at the Tierpark zoo in Berlin. – AP