Berkeley drops words like ‘manpower’ in push to be inclusive

BERKELEY, California (AP) — There will be no manholes in Berkeley, California City in the United States (US) anymore and workers will drop into “maintenance holes” instead.

Nothing will be manmade in the liberal city but “human-made”. And students at the University of California, Berkeley, will join “collegiate Greek system residences” rather than fraternities and sororities.

Berkeley leaders voted unanimously this week to replace about 40 gender-specific words in the city code with gender-neutral terms — an effort to be more inclusive that’s drawing both praise and scorn.

That means “manpower” will become “human effort” or “workforce”, while masculine and feminine pronouns like “she,” her,” he” and “him” will be replaced by “they” and “them”, according to the measure approved last Tuesday by the City Council.

The San Francisco Bay Area city is known for its long history of progressive politics and “first of” ordinances.