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Bella speaks out on divorce

(ANN/THE STAR) – Malaysian singer-actress Bella Astillah has addressed actress Ruhainies in the wake of her divorce from Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz.

In a detailed Instagram post, Bella expressed her feelings toward her former friend. “I’d like to say congratulations to my ex-friend Ruhainies for successfully ruining my marriage and causing my children to lose their father,” the 30-year-old wrote.

Bella, whose real name is Dayang Ara Nabella Awang Astillah, officially ended her marriage with Aliff, 33, for the second time on Thursday at the Federal Territories Syariah Lower Court.

During the proceedings, Aliff agreed to grant full custody of their two children to Bella and committed to refraining from filing any disobedience claims against her.

The pair had previously divorced on May 16, 2019 but reconciled during the iddah period.

Malaysian artiste Bella Astillah (left) previously said she never expected Ruhainies to betray her. PHOTOS: BERNAMA, INSTAGRAM

In her Instagram post, Bella said the divorce was for the best as she had already given Aliff many chances to change his ways.

“Repeating the same wrongdoings is not a mistake but a choice. I’ve fought to save this relationship but it’s a hopeless battle because I was the only one fighting for it,” she wrote.

Despite everything that has happened, Bella said she has no regrets as this was all a part of life’s tests. However, she didn’t deny that it changed her perception of love.

“After this day, I never want to love someone too deeply because the split will definitely leave a deep wound.

“Please pray that my new life with my kids is made easy, and I will try my very best to be the best mum and dad for them,” she wrote.

Bella and Aliff, who got married in 2016, became a topic of public interest on March 9 when religious authorities detained the Singaporean actor under suspicion of committing khalwat with Ruhainies, 31.

Bella filed for a divorce from Aliff a few days later, but the actor refused to divorce her during the hearing on April 4.

Bella previously accused her ex-husband of cheating on her 11 times, including with her younger sister.

In a podcast, Aliff admitted to cheating on Bella and said he did so as his “soul felt empty”.