Belait school holds cleaning campaign

Daniel Lim

St James’ School students lined up to take a brief walk across the road to the beach-front of Kuala Belait as part of the school’s beach cleaning campaign yesterday.

The event began with a general assembly and it was conducted to not only clean up the surrounding area of the school but also the beaches close by. It aimed to instil a culture of caring for the environment among the students.

More than 150 students from Year 1 to Year 11 participated in the campaign. The students were accompanied by their teachers and school staff.

Deputy Principal Leonardo M Amo outlined the various initiatives that the school planned on implementing, such as conserving energy, encouraging the use of reusable bags, encouraging the students to use their own tumbler, utensils and plates during lunch time as well as planting trees and picking up trash whenever possible.

Following the deputy principal’s speech as well as an aerobic session, the students made their way to the beach where they picked up trash.

Students take part in the campaign. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM