Belait Imams, Bilals attend workshop on prayers

Daniel Lim

A knowledge-sharing workshop was held at the Muhammad Jamalul Alam Mosque on Friday, for 25 Imams and Bilals based in mosques and religious halls across the Belait District.

Jointly organised by the Mosque Affairs Office in the Belait District and the Takmir Committee of the Muhammad Jamalul Alam Mosque, the one-day session allowed the participants to contribute their knowledge on the necessary steps in performing prayers through means of discussion and practical demonstrations.

The workshop was conducted by Mosque Affairs Officer Haji Haslan bin Haji Shahbudin, who guided the participants through the obligatory prayer procedures, in the hope that it will enable them to better serve their respective communities.

ABOVE & BELOW: Mosque Affairs Officer Haji Haslan bin Haji Shahbudin conducts the workshop; and participants observe during the practical demonstration. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM