Beijing pastry a hit among locals

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LOOKING for something sweet while browsing the variety of booths available at the consumer fair? The Chinese Muslim food group is offering something special for the customers: the Chinese pastry, Beijing Yi Kou Su.

Beijing Pastry Maker Wang Tian Siang shared with the Weekend Bulletin how the Beijing pastry became a hit at the fair as it was his first international participation at the 21st Consumer Fair at the International Convention Centre (ICC).

“Customers find it’s a unique experience as they tried the sweet treat. The traditional pastry, made of a mixture of wheat flour and sugar, is a big hit as we managed to sell 2,000 pieces on the first day and hope to get more people to try the pastry,” Wang Tian Siang shared.

Located at the Blue Zone, customers can buy the freshly baked pastry until the final day of the consumer fair on July 1.

Beijing pastrymaker Wang Tian Siang pulls the freshly-baked pastry into a neat roll. – FIZAH HAB