Beijing noodle restaurant remembers Biden’s 2011 visit

BEIJING (AP) — The Yaoji Chaogan noodle restaurant beneath Beijing’s 600-year-old Drum Tower knows Joe Biden.

Management has hung up photos of the United States (US) president-elect from when, as vice president, he stopped by for a bowl of noodles and dumplings in 2011.

“We are very happy that Biden was elected,” manager Yao Yan said on Sunday. “We have already met each other, and we can say that we are old friends.” Biden was visiting Beijing with his granddaughter Naomi. They were being shown around by then-American Ambassador Gary Locke.

In what Chinese newspapers dubbed “noodle diplomacy”, Biden ate at a low table before giving onlookers a thumbs-up and a smile.

“Biden was very friendly with Chinese customers,” said Yao.

“After that, everyone applauded for Biden. There was the feeling of the joy of laughter, and a cheerful mood,” Yao said. “Biden is a very humourous and kind person.”

A man looks at Joe Biden’s photos on display at a restaurant visited by the US President-elect several years ago, in Beijing. PHOTO: AP
Customers pose for a souvenir photo with Joe Biden’s photos on display in Beijing. PHOTO: AP