Beauty in sophistication

VOGUE/ AFP – “Doing a physical show is a kind of political thing,” says Ami’s Alexandre Mattiussi, elaborating that amid the pandemic and crumbling political situations around the world, he thinks “fashion needs to find humility in the situation”. The Ami version of humility might sound quite dramatic: Beside the Seine in the quatrième, Mattiussi held a fashion show on a black wood runway.

To counter the exuberance of the affair, Matiussi sent out clothing with a relaxed spirit. He described his spring 2021 men’s and women’s collections as “sophisticated but not pretentious”. The slim plaid maxiskirts and black wool LBDs proved the point for women, the louche seafoam and chocolate suits and baggy shorts did it for men. A series of mesh tanks, styled throughout with vacation-y beaded necklaces, emphasised the chill vibes.