Beauty, health establishments allowed to operate at normal capacity

James Kon

Beauty and health establishments will be allowed to operate at normal capacity with the announcement of the de-escalation plan to Level 5 of new normal from Monday.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) issuing the guidelines stated that managers at beauty and health establishments are required to provide BruHealth QR code at the entrance to the premises.

A registration book to enter visitors’ details should be made available if the QR code scanning facility is not available.

Beauty and health establishments also need to check customers’ temperature before entering the premises. Hand sanitisers should be available at the entrance of the premises.

Beauty and health establishment workers are encouraged to wear face masks while attending to customers.

Managers at beauty and health establishments are also advised to ensure that the premises including the workers’ resting areas are clean at all time. All equipment should also be sterilized.

Workers feeling unwell should not report for duty and should seek treatment.

Beauty and health establishments not complying with the guidelines can be charged under the Infectious Diseases Act, Chapter 204.

Customers visiting beauty and health establishments need to scan the QR code before entering the areas of sales exhibitions, bazaars and expos.

Visitors who are not able to scan the BruHealth QR code, need to provide details in the registration book.

The public is also advised to wash hands frequently or use hand sanitiser.

Those feeling unwell and have symptoms of infections should not visit beauty and health establishments. Customers should make prior appointments before visiting beauty and health establishments.

More details are available on the MoHA’s website