Beagles sniff out snails in luggage at Atlanta airport

ATLANTA (AP) — Two dogs, part of the United States (US) Customs and Border Protection’s “beagle brigade”, sniffed out two Giant African Snails in the luggage of a passenger arriving at Atlanta’s airport from Nigeria.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the beagles, named Candie and Chipper, were alerted to the passenger’s checked bags at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport last Friday. A Customs agriculture specialist found the snails in a suitcase, along with prohibited fruits and vegetables.

The snails were turned over to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), while the food was destroyed. The USDA’s website said such snails are illegally imported for classroom exhibits as pets or for food.

They’re also described as “one of the most damaging” in the world because they consume at least 500 types of plants, reproduce quickly, and can cause meningitis.

Two Giant African Snails that were seized at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. – AP