Beach cleanup collects boxes, plastic bottles, cutleries

OVER 200 cardboard boxes of different sizes filled with trash from the shore and at the beach were collected during the four-hour clean-up.

Much of the trash was made up of single-use plastics such as plastic bottles, bags, straws and cutleries.

Around 364 volunteers turned up for the Big Beach Cleanup Campaign at Muara Beach yesterday morning held in conjunction with the Zero Waste Brunei campaign and the international Plastic Free July movement.

The campaign, initiated to raise awareness on the impact of single-use plastics and long-term waste in the environment, was supported by the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) with the provision of recycling companies.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among the public on the “zero waste” movement to reduce waste going to landfills, and also to educate the public via the volunteers on the importance of  segregating their everyday waste into recyclables, reusables and those that are degradable, as well as the importance of using degradable products like cardboard boxes instead of plastic trash bags.

Zero Waste Brunei was launched nationwide on May 25 to reduce single-use plastic usage in the country.

Cleaning campaign participants in a group photo

The movement aims to collaborate with as many local stakeholders as possible to stop or reduce the usage of single-use plastics such as straws, plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic cutleries and the like for one day a month, before progressing to twice a month, weekly and eventually, daily.

The prime objective is to raise awareness on the impact single-use plastic waste has on the environment while spearheading the worldwide ‘zero waste’ movement in Brunei Darussalam. The initiative acts as a ‘call to action’ encouraging the public, consumers and local agencies to collaborate for the common goal of eliminating plastic usage and saving the environment.

The campaign has drawn tremendous support from many local businesses and education institutions, including Brunei Cement, Land Rover Brunei, Indera Motors Sdn Bhd, Rack & Brew, Cuckoo Brunei, Laneige Brunei, Big BWN Project, Burger King, Straw by Flowy Dowy, Energyjuice Brunei, Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE), St Andrew’s School, St George’s School and NR FITNESS, among many others, with representatives from the organisations and bodies gathering at the beach to support the cause.

For details on the next campaign or how to start living with zero waste, follow Zero Waste Brunei social media accounts.