Be considerate of others, don’t litter while driving

IT IS sad to see some people litter the road by throwing rubbish out of the window during driving.

Not only is it damaging to the environment, it is also unsafe, especially if the litter thrown out is a lit cigarette.

I have seen multiple cases where road users throwing their lit cigarettes when driving.

I experienced this personally as a lit cigarette landed on my car’s windshield and caused me to slightly lose control of the vehicle for a moment (due to shock).

Another time, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, a passenger in an adjacent vehicle threw his lit cigarette which rolled to the underside of my car.

Imagine what could have occurred if a car was leaking gasoline and this happened.

I understand that smokers have their needs, but can they at least be considerate and extinguish the cigarette before throwing it.

Better yet, don’t just litter the road by throwing it out and dispose it in a proper ashtray.

– RA