Be alert always to avoid accidents

I READ in the Borneo Bulletin on October 31 about a foreigner dying after being knocked down by a car while crossing the road at night.

I have noticed while driving at night sometimes people crossing the road near Kiulap without looking out for vehicles. They do not use the pedestrian crossing, instead cross in the middle of the road, which is dangerous to the person and the driver.

Sometimes drivers speed along this stretch of the road.

And in case the person crossing the road gets knocked down, the total blame will fall on the driver.

The pedestrians must remember to use pedestrian crossings even at night.

Most drivers tend to drive fast at night as there are no traffic jams and pedestrians.

Once an accident occurs it will always be in our minds. So even pedestrians have to pay their part including the drivers.

As mentioned by the Royal Brunei Police Force, drivers and road-users must always remain vigilant and always obey road and traffic regulations.

If this is done our roads will be very safe for all of us.

– Driver, Bandar