BDSP appoints ambassadors to promote photography

Wani Roslan

Brunei Daily Snaps Photography (BDSP) recently appointed some of its members as ambassadors of the organisation by presenting them with the official BDSP shirts with the aim of promoting the organisation as well as photography in the country.

The event was the first get-together for BDSP since its inception a few months ago, which has drawn 4,600 to join its Facebook page.

The meet-up aside, there was also a photography session featuring a display of miniature figures to provide both professional and amateur photographers to showcase their photo-taking skills using either a camera or a mobile phone.

The get-together was aimed at strengthening relationships between members of the new organisation.

According to its Chairman Aisha Diana @ Mewsum Wong, the organisation’s mission is to nurture shutterbugs in the country to meet the international standards.

It is also hoped to promote photography as a viable career choice in the country and it does not start with expensive equipment.

“There’s a misconception that one needs sophisticated equipment to take creative photos; it’s isn’t the case,” Aisha Diana said. “If you have the skills, you can capture the most amazing photos using a regular mobile phone.”

ABOVE & BELOW: Members in their BDSP shirts; and members exchanging photography tips at the get-together. PHOTOS: WANI ROSLAN

A display of miniature figures set up to put members’ photography skills to the test