Banking on employee health, wellness for better productivity

Baiduri Bank launched the ‘Feel Good Fridays’ to promote work-life balance and create an overall healthier workforce.

The new monthly series of wellness activities is part of the second phase of the Bank’s Employee Wellness Initiative (EWI), that was introduced last November.

The first event in the ‘Feel Good Fridays’ series, ‘Cut the Chaos in the Kitchen’ was held in collaboration with co-founder of local eateries Fuel’d and Glow Shazrinah Shazali also known as ShefShaz on social media.

Some 100 Baiduri Bank employees attended the event that focussed on preparing healthy and convenient meals for the working professional. Meals prepared included yoghurt with homemade granola and fresh fruit, as well as Vietnamese spring rolls. The event ended with a special talk by Shazrinah on ‘The Gut and Brain Connection, and How it Affects Our Relationship with Food’. The goal of the EWI’s second phase is to build on existing bank initiated after-work activities to nurture camaraderie and teamwork among employees.

Baiduri Bank CEO Ti Eng Hui explained that the EWI recognises the need to promote a healthy well-being.

He said: “Our success greatly depends on the productivity and performance of our employees. This ability to function and perform at a high level consistently hinges on having a workforce that is happy, healthy and resilient in both mind and body.”

A cooking activity on preparing meals for the working professional. PHOTO: BAIDURI BANK