Bangladeshi Spider-Man makes bold rescue

THE DAILY STAR/ ASIA NEWS NETWORK – A Bangladeshi youth has been praised for his bravery in rescuing a six-year-old boy from the window ledge of a multi-storey flat in Hougang of Singapore.

His courage made headlines in the newspapers of the country and went viral on social media.

Das Dipto, 27-year-old landscape maintenance worker, had been cleaning the boom lift – known as a spider lift – that he operated daily to prune trees, when a passer-by asked him and his colleague Biswas Jibom for help on January 3, reported Singapore based news media CNA.

“I must save him,” was the constant refrain in Das Dipto’s mind when he saw a young, frightened boy perched precariously on the third-floor ledge outside a housing block at Hougang Street 22.

Speaking to CNA, Dipto said when the passer-by pointed to the boy on the ledge, he was instantly reminded of his young nephew back home in Bangladesh.

He quickly decided to use his spider lift to save the boy.

With Biswas’ guidance, Dipto carefully manoeuvred the large machine down a narrow path, flanked by an open drain on one side and jutting windows of the block on the other, reports CNA.

As he piloted his crane towards the child, he said he heard the boy crying.

“The only thing on my mind was how to get the boy down safely,” said Dipto, the youngest of five brothers.

In a widely circulated video, the child, who had been hanging on to a laundry rack, could be seen momentarily loosening his grip as Dipto made his way to him.

Onlookers who had gathered below were heard yelling in alarm at the child to hang on.

Seconds later, Dipto managed to get his crane close enough to the boy, reaching out to him with both arms and swiftly lifting him onto the platform, drawing cheers from the crowd.

With one arm around the child and one hand controlling the crane, Dipto lowered the boy to safety before he was whisked away by a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) paramedic.

Later that morning, the boy’s mother, along with the boy, thanked Dipto.

The incident also went viral in his hometown of Narail, Dhaka, thanks to one of his four brothers, who also works for landscaping firm Yong Aik Construction, and sent the video to their mother as well as friends and family, CNA reported.

The child is seen holding onto the laundry poles as a worker approaches him in a boom lift. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/DAS DIPTO