Bandarku Ceria vendors call for easing of restrictions

Rokiah Mahmud

Street vendors involved in the Bandarku Ceria programme are seeking consideration from the authorities for the recommencement of their commercial activities.

The weekly programme is currently limited to individual leisure pursuits, with business operations temporarily put on hold until further notice.

One of the vendors, Haji Ismail, told the Bulletin, “Many of us depend heavily on the earnings that we got from selling food, drinks and household items, to support our families.

“I don’t have a daily job and have been trying to promote items to friends and through social media, but the revenue earned so far isn’t that much.

“We do hope that the authorities could give some consideration to the re-opening of vendor activities for Bandarku Ceria on Sundays.”

Another vendor, Sabariah binti Karim said, “My customers were both locals and foreigners spending their off-day in the capital to find affordable clothing, second-hand items and many more.

”I don’t earn much from my daily job. After deducting the car and house payments from my monthly pay, the remaining balance isn’t enough to sustain my family.

“For minimum-wage workers like me, business activities at Bandarku Ceria are a means of getting some money to buy our daily necessities,” she added.

File photo shows customers and vendors during Bandarku Ceria. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR