Ban single use plastic at festive period stalls

BRUNEI Darussalam has stepped up on the awareness for a greener planet and has introduced numerous initiatives over the years.

The government, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), businesses, as well as the public jointly play a vital role in supporting towards a greener Brunei.

There is a lot more we can do to significantly make a difference in how we contribute and participate in this noble cause for our future generation.

One great mission is to ban single use plastics at stalls during periods such as perayaan events and Ramadhan.

These events use a massive amount of single use plastics.

File photo shows customers at a stall during Ramadhan. The writer believes that single use plastics should be banned during periods such as perayaan events and Ramadhan. – RAHWANI ZAHARI

Consumers and vendors surveys can be carried to measure the volumes used during a typical nationwide festive period.

Consumers can bring their own recycle bags, empty bottles to fill up with drinks, and tiffin boxes to carry the food they purchase from the stall vendors.

Obviously these kind of changes will get a lot of criticism and push back initially – it is a typical human behaviour to reject anything outside the norm.

We can start small, for instance, stop the use of single use plastic carrier bags, and gradually increase the ban one step at a time, similar to the introduction of the ‘No Plastic Day’ to the ‘No Plastic Everyday’ campaign which is a great success.

However, it is very important to give ample time and awareness to warn the public of such changes.

Make use of social media to cascade this message to all tiers of our local community, our neighbours, and visitors.

I believe we can all be part of this change, and be proud of it.