Ban all online games, save the future

I would like to appeal to the authorities to consider banning all online games by blocking companies from providing a platform to poison the young generation.

I believe that online gaming has a detrimental effect on young people of our country. Too many teenagers are now addicted to gaming by immersing themselves in the virtual all day and night. As a matter of fact, a large number of them are willing to pull an all-nighter to level up in game.

Gaming provides a sort of mental opium that is so addictive that teenagers are willing to give up other hobbies and past-time activities for it. As a result, studies are neglected, relationships with family and friends in dire straits.

Over time, they become withdrawn and irritable with no real-life pursuits to pull them out of hole created by their gaming addiction. Being desk-bound for a long stretch on a daily basis means their body is weak and their eyesight poor.

If these teenagers are the future leaders of our country, then we have a serious social problem on our hand. While we still have the time, the authorities should arrest the negative impact it has on the young generation. If we allow gaming addiction to go unchallenged, our country will have no future; we may well be headed into the “sick man of Asia” territory.