Baiduri Capital launches Unit Trust promotion

BAIDURI Capital has launched a new investment promotion to promote the benefits of a diversified portfolio by investing in Unit Trusts.

Unit Trusts, one of the many products being offered through Baiduri Capital, are a professionally-managed form of collective investments that pools money from many investors and invests it in stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments and other securities.

According to General Manager of Baiduri Capital Peng Eng Soon, “Having a more diversified portfolio results in the reduction of investment risk. Unit Trusts also allow the investor to gain exposure to a wide range of asset classes.”

He further elaborated that because Unit Trust investments invest in a range of individual securities, that spreads the risk across a wider scope.

Baiduri Capital offers a wide range of Unit Trusts from BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, Philip Capital Management and UOB Asset Management.

From an investment as low as BND1,000 into the abovementioned funds, new and existing Baiduri Capital customers can enjoy a 50 per cent discount on the sales charge.

Aside from Unit Trusts, Baiduri Capital also offers a range of investment products to better suit the customers’ specific financial objectives such as bonds, securities trading, exchange-traded funds and investment linked life insurance.